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I can't wait to launch to start the blog, and I've just taken some pretty cool actual photography of our products, and I'm too excited to sit still so the best thing for me to do right now is do it anyway.

This week, I'm having a bit of a lock-on with neutral tones and black contrast...and have also been on a bit of a pinterest bender whilst building the store. The photos I'm sharing here must be my subconscious re-expression/interpretation of all that. Plus I'm still learning how to use our camera better for the blog so why not! The things you can do with a Nikon 50mm lens hey - and I promise, no trickster studio stuff and seriously - no editing! x

Here, we have French linen string in white/ecru, some Fair trade natural hemp twine from Dharma Door, made in Bangladesh and some chunky mother raw linen twine, also from France. Below, more of the same, but also with coconut coir string which is fair trade and made in Sri Lanka, pictured in jet. Black, darling. Alongside the charcoal hemp twine from Dharma Door.

I think I really fluked this - I've impressed myself with this portrait of a string ball! You reckon?!

September 25, 2014 by Cassie Harris



Zoe said:

I love these colours – gorgeous


Cassie said:

Hi Zoe,

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment :)

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