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Weaving with pineapple fique

For some time, I have been simply adoring the texture of the pineapple plant fique (yarn code FQ-1) from Habu Textiles but like many crazy new, foreign-to-me fibres, I wasn't sure what to do with it.

It's a fascinating fibre: made from the plant Furcraea andina, which is native to South America. The plant itself looks quite similar to agave and has been used to make fibres for textiles long before Spanish colonialism in Colombia. Its texture is similar in many ways to sisal and abaca so its application for rope and sack making is pretty typical. However, there's no reason why a fibre like fique can't be exquisite. This version, carefully handspun and delicately dyed in beautiful colours brings a new aesthetic appreciation to the pineapple fique fibre. Here, I'm attempting to do it some justice.

And then after a couple of wines one Saturday night it kind of struck me to test an idea of using it blended with raffia as part of the coil for a small bowl. I had recently purchased some gold lurex (that stuff is damn awesome and I can't believe I'm actually saying that because I'm really not a bling-ish person at all...) and if you follow our instagram you'll also see I'm madly using lurex in everything at the moment. Go figure.

But - back to the Fique, featured here in majestic Grey, with its wonderfully blue undertones and which actually goes pretty well with gold...I think.

I've worked the coil with raffia and strands of fique in the core, using my preferred crochet method to work the coil in gold lurex. Then I used the pineapple fique as a trim. I completed the trim by weaving lurex through the crocheted edging and I think the effect is quite delicate, if I may say so!



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