Weaving with raffia + embroidery thread!


Although I don't sell it, I'm always a big fan of the ubiquitous embroidery thread and if I come across it in an op shop I tend to instinctively rescue it. But as ones stashes tend to spiral out of control, one way to use of plenty of these joyous bundles of shiny thread is to make a coiled basket / bowl / vessel with them ....

Pretty much my favourite thing to do!

I start with fairly tightly packed stitches, as they tend to stretch out with each round. Once you get out a little, it is surprising how quickly you can go through 8m of thread using the coil crochet method!


I'm not sure how big this is going or what it's final shape will be... that will depend how far the thread goes!

August 14, 2015 by Cassie Harris



Wonu said:

Your work is really lovely and inspiring.


Deborah said:

Lovely lovely


Bettie said:

Where can I find information on making these baskets?


Value-Lady said:

I have so much raffia and embroidery threads of many different colors. I never thought of doing the craft you’ve done maybe make a nice basket to hold all my threads. Magnificent work just lovely


Calie-Lady said:

Geez major spell check for my name. Lol.

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