We recently announced changes re: how we’re operating from our commercial space. It was a necessary backtrack I had to make, to say we are no longer open to the public.

After trying assorted arrangements with making it a shop-shop, with some open hours, and always struggling to make it work around my own commitments and needs, and always feeling like it was still never enough - something had to give. 

This decision was made to ensure that we can focus our time and energy where it is most effective. On reflection, and in all honesty, I believe most of us have reached the limits to what we can achieve in any work day, when we are also exposed to constant intrusion by way of enquiry - by phone, text, chat, email, facebook, instagram, in person ... ignore one channel and you'll be followed up on another! Our work is either promptly responding to the intrusions themselves - or the work we're trying to do when we're not interrupted. 

Our commercial space will be operating as an atelier - a creative studio, warehouse and processing facility for our raffia dyeing production, and a space for us to host classes, workshops and events. Whilst we are closing our space to browsing rest assured that we remain committed to delivering what we do best: the online store, dyed raffia production, sourcing and supplying quality natural fibres for our valued customers in Australia and internationally. 

We still welcome appointments from our trade and established customers. There will be no changes to our shipping arrangements, and locals can still opt for pick-ups on online orders. Likewise, you can still get in touch with us for custom orders, quotes and/or special requests. 

I’m looking forward to sharing the fruits of these changes in coming weeks and months. Xx - 

From our little String Harvest team - Cass

October 31, 2022 — Cass Harris