8mm 130ply linen / recycled cotton string 1.6kg


You're looking for the stuff that's chunky and lush and unravels if you want it to? Here you go! It's like our 4mm linen cotton string, but fatter. This stuff will unravel quite easily, so it's most popular with weavers who use it as a thick yarn and fringing, in rainbows and feathers etc. It works well for loosely structured macrame, rya knots and creating texture and shag. 

A genuinely ethical and sustainable medium for all your macrame needs. 8mm single twist, aka 130 ply cotton cord is made from reclaimed textile waste and surplus yarn in a family factory on the outskirts of Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain.

Soft and a little bit delicate to work with, this cord is made from a finer base yarn than our Australian cotton twist. It will knot up beautifully and can be easily unraveled or loosened. Use it for weaving as much as macrame - or go all out and crochet or knit up something bulky and beautiful.

By breaking down reclaimed textile and yarn waste back into combed cotton fibre, colours are blended and re-spun into new thread. There is no dyeing involved in this process.

Available in natural and 70% Belgian linen / natural cotton

130ply - 120m - 1.6kg

made from reclaimed cotton in Spain