4mm Polished Linen Flax 2kg

by String Harvest

4mm thick
2kg - 180 metres
100% flax linen
Made in Egypt, from Egyptian flax

Rustic flax twine. Don't let the photos deceive you, this is a 30cm tall, 2kg roll. It's a statement twine.

Try macrame, knotting, binding and lashing. Thinking adventurous or sculptural? Crochet or knit up three-dimentional objects in flax. Do it. 

A good solid, staple polished twine comes in handy for many crafts - and our one kilogram rolls have enough metres to keep makers making, whatever your method.


In working with a manufacturer in Egypt who understands our vision for simple natural and ethical fibres, our initial offering of cotton, linen and flax is deliberately minimal.

Choice can be overwhelming and distracting from the creativity at hand. In the end I had to focus on and what it is I wanted to achieve with String Harvest as a brand, and that is to keep it simple but quality. Enabling of timeless textiles. Let the maker do the rest. 


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