Japanese paper raffia MF-36 brown

by Mondo Fil


Content: 100% paper from cellulose - manila hemp (abacá)
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
30g - 90m
100g - 280m

A delightfully soft, yet strong paper raffia with a smooth sheen.

Born from Japanese tradition, the paper is a characteristically light and flat, continuous paper raffia-style yarn.

Approximately 5mm in width but can be opened up flat to form a light chiffon ribbon

  • strong and soft
  • quick-drying

Made from organic Manila hemp, produced under strict control is used as the raw material. Manila hemp is used for banknotes and is highly regarded for its strength.

■ Recommended needles Knitting needles Nos. 11 to 13
■ Standard gauge 11 stitches 15 steps