Fine polished hemp twine 90g 180m

by String Harvest Label


Thickness: approximately 0.8mm 
Fibre: 100% hemp
Origin: Made in Hungary from EU sourced hemp flax
Weight: 90g / 180m

Reduced to clear - remaining stock varies from ball to ball. Some discolouration and variation in texture. 

Nice and just on the thinner side of a millimeter, but super strong - you're not going to be able to break this one with your hands, we assure you. 

Smooth polish finish with a warm, natural texture makes it great for stitching in basketry etc. 

Ideal for binding, jewellery making - for knotting necklaces, bracelets and so on. Also the perfect string if you’re looking for something suitable to make string bags.

Expect some tonal variation between balls, reflecting the range of natural fibre shades offered from hemp.