2.5mm Natural Cotton String 1kg 320m

by String Harvest

2.5mm single twist cotton string
100% cotton
Origin: Egypt
1kg - 320 metres


A beautiful and simple string, with no need for fancy introductions.

Our initial offering of selected cotton, linen and flax from Egypt is all about simplicity. I deliberated for a good year with an overwhelm of possibility, but in the end I had to focus on and what it is I wanted to achieve with our brand, and that is simplicity. Let the maker do the rest.

Use it as a semi-chunky cotton yarn for crochet and knitting (without being too chunky if you know what we mean). Or use for macrame where a thinner and softer string is required. This cotton will be great dyed or natural, and is make an economical weft for all manner of weaving. Approximately 2.5mm on the roll but will appear fuller under less tension. 

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