Australian cotton string 5.5mm


Excellent quality, versatile 21ply twisted cotton string. Soft enough to knit and crochet with but thick and durable enough to use in macrame and all kinds of woven interiors. Great for use in weaves for texture, shag, and to add neutral vibes. It's a mop style cotton, so expect less structure than you'd expect from rope or sash cord. The overtwist will require occasional smoothing out, depending on how you use it.
A craft staple made in Victoria from Australian grown cotton - an excellent ethical source, and supporting domestic manufacturing.

Unbleached, natural cotton

5-6mm thick / 21 ply

Available in three lengths:
70g / 20m
500g / 75-80m (total weight of cotton on cone is 620g)
2kg / 280-300m (total weight of cotton on cone is 2.2kg)

Made in Australia from 100% Australian cotton

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