Recycled cotton rope 7mm - black

by String Harvest Label

$25.00 $30.00

Content: 100% recycled cotton

Origin: Catalonia, Spain

A genuinely ethical and sustainably made rope for all your macrame needs. Our 7mm 3ply cotton cord is made in the Catalonia region of Spain from dead-stock textile and surplus yarns. By breaking down this cotton waste into combed fibre, colours are blended and re-spun into new thread. There is no dyeing involved in this process. The result is a beautifully soft yet versatile material.

It will knot up beautifully and can be easily unravelled or loosened - we recommend taping the ends of this rope while you’re working with it to avoid excessive fraying (unless that’s your plan!)

You can also consider it a kind of chunky cotton yarn - it’s ideal for weaving, crochet, and knitting.

Each colour batch is unique so be sure to buy sufficient quantities for your project, as perfect colour matches cannot be guaranteed from batch to batch.

39m wound on roll, approximately 650g.

Made from premium recycled cotton in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain.