Basket Weaving Starter Coil


Embark on Your Basket Weaving Adventure: The Essential Starter Coil

Dive into the art of basket weaving with our meticulously curated Basket Starter coil designed to seamlessly guide you through the initial stages of your crafting journey. This kit introduces you to the foundational coil, the very heart of your basket's structure. To bring your vision to full fruition, you'll need to complement this kit with additional raffia, available separately.

Please Note: Each coil is carefully put together to encompass all essentials required for a smooth start, now featuring a plastic needle to ensure you can embark on your project with ease and efficiency.

Customize Your Creation: Add a personal touch to your basket with a colour that speaks to you. For a nominal fee, we invite you to customize the starting colour of your kit. Simply indicate your preferred hue in the notes section at checkout, and let us bring your unique vision to life.