Mondo Fil 'BoucRe' recycled cotton bouclé 50g 110m

$13.80 $15.10
  • recycled cotton + boucle = 'BoucRe'
  • 50g - 110m
  • 1/2.2NM
  • Suggested needle size: 2.5-5mm
  • Made in Japan

Sourced by Mondofil in Kyoto, BoucRe is a new weaving yarn to our collection of yarn staples. Complementing the dye shades in our re-specked range (colour match the shade numbers), this 100% recycled cotton boucle yarn will add gorgeous texture to knitted and woven projects. Ideal for garments, cloth etc.

Classic colours for timeless woven and knitted pieces - this is how we envision you bringing this yarn to life. 

Made from cotton reclaimed from the yarn spinning process, the name BoucRe is in reference to the recycled and thus respectful aspect of this yarn.