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Chunky 4mm European Linen String: 1kg


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Sturdy, rustic french style linen string.

Use for coiling in basketry, macrame, big knitting & even to create chunky tassels or rustic style crochet. It is a very raw style string, so working it will loosen it up a lot. And, like any linen, it softens up as you work it.

Also great as a rope for visual merchandising displays.

At 4-5mm thick, a 1kg ball is approx 100m in length.

Please note: the process by which the material in this string (and linen in general) is made from is called retting. Retting involves the breakdown of plant matter so that only the fibre remains, through the use of water and microbial action. Think of it as part wetting, part rotting, if you like. This is a very natural, ancient, and environmentally sustainable process and as a result, this string has a definite smell like hay or a barn. No chemicals are used in the production of this linen. Some people find this smell stronger than others, but rest assured this is not a fault, but a real feature. Some people love it! Once the string is out of the ball and exposed to air, the smell will subside over a few weeks.

Made in the European Union

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