5mm Recycled denim braided cord (4 shades) 50m


Content: 100% recycled cotton derived from denim and natural recycled cotton

Origin: Indonesia

Approximately 5mm wide, our 16 end braided sash cord is not filled, and has a slightly flattened feel. Made from recycled cotton and denim textile waste by a small fair trade, sustainable textile business.

We are very excited by the possibilities of this cord for macrame, weaving, crochet, knitting and beyond. The gradient from natural cotton to 100% denim blend allows easy coordination of low key shades of blue.

Rope has a slight stretch and thus length and width will vary according to tension.

Available in four shades, also see listings for three shades of 8mm braided sash.

Weight: 170g 
Length: 50m
Suggested knitting needle size: 10mm
Suggested crochet hook size: 7-14mm

Care instructions: wash 30 degrees, some colour running may be expected on initial wash as per denim fabric, however this should be minimal.