Daruma Cotton Linen GIMA

by Daruma Co.


Width: approximately 3-4mm wide
Fibre: 70% cotton 30% linen (gima processing)
Weight: approximately 30g
Length: 48m
Country of origin: Japan

A yarn made to knit miscellaneous things. Gima processing is applied to cool cotton linen blend. Gima is a hemp-like texture, as it is written in kanji as "pseudo-hemp". By coating the yarn, the 'thread fluffiness' is suppressed, and a refreshing ribbon-like firmness is created. The width and hardness of the tape-shaped thread has been given much consideration, making it light yet solid for bags and accessories.

Crochet: 7mm (suggested range 6-10mm)

Knitting: Standard gauge (feature-length)
14-15 eye-6-6.5-stage