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Deluxe embroidery set: Girls whispering


It is my delight to share with you these special embroidery and stitching thread sets prepared exclusively for String Harvest by Temaricious, from Tokyo. Soft violets and pastels with a vold dash of ochre and a deep, deep brown provide a delicate whimsical palette.

A set of ten skeins, 10 x 130cm lengths of naturally hand-dyed 100% cotton thread.

This set shares colour gifts from sources including

  • Cochineal (lilac)
  • Logwood (pale purples)
  • Cherry fallen leaves (pink beige)
  • Onion / indian madder (pink)
  • Apricot (orange pink)
  • onion (ochre)
  • crepe myrtle (dark brown, silver)
  • chestnut burr (grey)
  • Indian madder ( lightpink)