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Embroidery set: Northern Beach 5


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It is my delight to share with you these special embroidery and stitching thread sets prepared exclusively for String Harvest by Temaricious, from Tokyo.

Northern beach takes us from sea foam to duskiest sands.

A set of ten shades, each containing 10 x 130cm lengths naturally hand-dyed 100% cotton thread.

This set shares colour gifts from plants including cherry fallen leaves, mimosa, osmanthus and indigo with onion.

About Temaricious: Rika and Naho met in Prague in 2013, and have been learning and loving the art of natural dyeing ever since. Based in Tokyo, their yarn label Temaricious brings together the form of threads used for the ancient craft of Temari, with the traditions of Japanese dyeing. Largely self taught, these two women have spent time with Tokyo's master dyers and poured over books from the best in the trade.

Their approach to dyeing is as simple as it is resourceful - all dyes are made from local plants, from cuttings supplied by gardener friends; vegetable waste, and fresh indigo cultivated by Naho's in-laws. As a small independent label, it is a real joy to share their work with a new audience as the only Australian stockist.