Fair trade handspun hemp 100g


Material: 100% hemp
Country of origin: Nepal

Length: can vary between balls, average 150m

A single ply, thin yet strong with a very earthy, organic feel. Ideal to use in textured wall art and most fibre arts (not so much for garments), to crochet into washers etc if you're looking for a bit of a scrub effect. Similar in thickness and appearance as the nettle yarn, but warmer tone. Averages around 1mm thick. Will soften with use, but looks amazing crocheted and knitted into shopping bags and plied with other yarns and fibres.

About the hemp

This hemp is grown and spun in Nepal by community artisans. Hemp products are sold through local rural cooperatives at fair trade prices and produced using natural methods and no chemical processing.

As a handspun, handmade product, there is sometimes occasional variance in weight slightly over or under 100g.

see also 100g nettle yarn