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Habu A-166 2/30 Fine Silky Ramie


Brand Habu

Finally, we have a Habu ramie! As the name says, its fine and silky, and it's also soft and very strong. Beautiful as a warp and weft yarn for weavers, and will make a wonderful, soft and light fabric. Combining several different shades with give lovely depth, and knitting with several strands will create textured, 3-dimensional fabric.

Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibres, and has been cultivated for textile use for thousands of years. It is a bast fibre, made from a plant from the nettle family.

unit size: 28g
content: 100% ramie
yardage: 427m
weight: lace
suggested epi for weaving: 20-30
suggested needle size for knitting: 2.75-3.25mm

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