Knitted 'Cotton Lily' 40g


Fibre: 100% cotton
string Japan
Yardage: 40g / approximately 170m
Yarn count: 1/4.3nm
Recommended needle and hook size: 2.5-4mm

In the past we've had various iterations of this type of yarn, but since we've discovered the closest thing to the ol' knitted viscose, except that it's made of cotton - and available in a stunning array of shades, well we had to move on it. So, without further ado, welcome the family knitted cotton Lily! 

Sourced via Mondo Fil and made in Japan, we love cotton lily because it's a hard to find knitted yarn that is simply as beautiful for knitting breezy summer tops as it is woven on a saori loom. Or, use on frame loom for some gorgeous texture and subtle sheen. This is a yarn that is understated yet sublime, whether destined for wearable or ornamental art. Trust us when we say the photos don't do the sheen justice!

It has a light stretch, and is made from a single ply of high grade cotton which is mercerised for sheen and then knitted into a flat, tube-like structure by the specialised Lily machine. 


  • a fuzzy-less and well-balanced fibre
  • mercerisation results in a silky and luxurious shimmer
  • the tube structure makes it very light-weight, but bulky in finish unlike regular plied yarns
  • cones available on wholesale request; POA
Fibre: 100% cotton
Yardage: 40g / approximately 170m
Yarn count: 1/4.3nm
Recommended needle and hook size: 2.5-4mm