Lamé Drop 50g 230m Orange

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Content: 82% polyester, 18% nylon

50g - approximately 230m

Made in Japan

limited quantity deadstock (end of production runs)

aurora lamé film Lily style yarn, which means the yarn is knitted in a tube form with a continuous thread. Excellent for knitting garments and also for weaving.

Has a very crunchy, synthetic yet structural texture! 

From mondofil: 

Since it was manufactured on an old-fashioned lily yarn machine, there is a difference in the bulge of the lily yarn and the finish is very fluffy. Lame makers are no longer using the color stock of the lame film itself, so it is a valuable material. Aurora-type products in particular are disappearing from the market.
The number is limited, so please check it early so you don't miss it.