Japanese Speckled paper raffia SP80


Content: 100% paper from cellulose
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
30g - 80m
100g - 270m

Delightfully speckled, splattered ink on paper raffia - yeah we love that! 

Similar in feel to Mondofil MF36, but with a little less sheen - the speckled combinations in this yarn bring about new possibilities and will bring new textures and tones to your work.

Unlike Paperphine paper raffia which is thicker and crispier - the Mondofil version is more like tissue paper if you stretch it out - but that's not to say it's fragile!

The result is a more malleable paper yarn - equally beautiful and ideal for basketry, sculptural knitting and all manners of fibre art. Weavers who love a novelty yarn will delight in the neutral tones and texture of this paper product from Japan.

Available in 5 shades

30g - 80m

100g - 270m

Made in Japan from wood pulp (cellulose)