Organic hemp wick beeswax 1mm 30m


From Romania

Organic hemp twine dipped in organic beeswax by Hemptique - an eco-friendly, naturally waxed string suitable for stitching in basketry, binding on tools and can be heated and will reset when cooled if desired. Of course - it smells great!

1mm #20 string (thickness with wax approx 1.5mm)

30m / 100ft

Hemptique have designed a finest quality eco-conscious beeswaxed hemp wick suited to a wide range of uses beyond craft:

  • Lighting fine herbs, tobacco pipes, candles, barbeques, etc
  • Fire Starter and camping, survival kits etc
  • Traditional Book Binding
  • Macrame
  • Jewellery
  • Scrapbooking
  • Gift embellishments

NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, hemp wick cord may be lighter or darker than shown and actual length may vary slightly. Our current batch is slightly farker than pictured.

Organic beeswax and organic, natural undyed hemp twine.


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