Recycled cotton rope 3mm - Violet

Content: 100% recycled cotton 
Length: 139m
Origin: Catalonia, Spain


If you're looking for a genuinely ethical and sustainable rope for all your macrame needs, this is it. This 3mm 3ply cotton cord is made from reclaimed textile waste and surplus yarn in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain. The result is a beautifully versatile, strong material for macrame and beyond.

For those new to macrame we suggest starting with this rope - it's firm enough to practice getting your knots right, and hits that sweet spot of being a sturdy, structured rope with great twist definition, and at a thickness that will allow for a few smaller projects such as table runners, plant hangers etc.

It will knot up beautifully and can be easily unraveled or loosened if you wish to create tasseled, frayed ends. Alternatively, consider using it for knitting and crochet - think floor rugs, bowls and baskets using anywhere from 12-20mm hooks.

By breaking down reclaimed textile and yarn waste back into combed cotton fibre, colours are blended and respun into new thread. There is no dyeing involved in this process.

Each colour batch is unique so be sure to buy sufficient quantities for your project, as perfect colour matches cannot be guaranteed from batch to batch.