Recycled cotton: Taupe / Walnut

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Content: approximately 95% recycled cotton, 5% other fibres

Origin: Catalonia, Spain

4mm string - 100 metres, 500g 

7mm rope - 36 metres, 600g

Our recycled cotton rope is an ethical and sustainable choice for all your macrame and craft rope needs.

Made in a family factory near Barcelona using an innovative process refined over decades, these textiles are broken back down into combed cotton fibres before being  blended and re-spun. The result is small batch shades of rope and string produced without needing to use dyes or water.

Most popular for macrame, our ropes and string also work for knitting or crochet projects. A sturdy lightweight all-rounder this adaptable rope can be unraveled or loosened to create beautiful tassels and frayed ends.

Note - not all colours are available in all styles

Each colour batch is unique so be sure to buy sufficient quantities for your project