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Recycled silk yarn 100g


A lovely yarn to touch, though a bit weird for the uninitiated - it works well in loom weaving. Also well suited to knitting and crochet but as a single twist, it can be trickier to work with as you cant let it untwist, or the yarn will weaken and break.

Widely used to for adding texture to various projects with its lustrous sheen. This versatile yarn is reclaimed from broken down sari silk textiles, which have been re-spun to create a vibrant, textured, multicoloured silk yarn, blended with other fibres.

Approx 80-90m per 100g

Hand wash.

Product of Nepal.

Please note that the actual colour of this item may differ to how it is displayed by your monitor or device, and the recycled nature of this yarn means that the yarn colours will change depending on what colours are predominantly spun through them.


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