Sasawashi 200g cone 380m #8 Black

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Fibre: 100% Kumasasa (Bamboo)
Origin: Japan

Weight/ length: 200g / 380m
Recommended hook size for crochet: 5.0-7.0mm
Gauge:DC16-18 stitches & 6-7 rows
Origin: Japan

Sasawashi by Daruma is made from Kumasasa, a Japanese bamboo that grows at an elevation of 1000 meters. As Kumasasa has antibacterial, deodorising and UV protective properties, it's highly suitable for crocheting hats, bags and other durable items. The natural gloss of this papery fibre looks great against skin. 

When it gets wet, it becomes soft, but returns to its original shape when dry. As it is water repellent at the time of dyeing, it repels water to prevent stains. This coating will gradually wear off. 

In 200g for only the most popular shades in Japan - tan and black. 

Available exclusively in Australia via String Harvest