Sasawashi FLAT 25g 75m Brown 104

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Japanese paper yarn made from kumazasa bamboo, which grows only at altitudes above 1,000 meters. The paper is thinner than "SASAWASHI" and is not twisted so that summer hats can be knitted beautifully. The knitted fabric is resilient and small enough to express even the smallest details. The yarn has a natural luster that is unique to Japanese paper, so it blends in well with the color of your skin, and there are a variety of subtle colors to choose from. The natural antibacterial, deodorant, and UV-blocking properties of kumazasa keep the hat clean, and the water-repellent dyeing process makes it water-repellent and stain-resistant.
*The water repellent effect will gradually fade.

  • article no:01-3300
  • Fiber:100% KUMASASA (Bamboo)
  • Quantity:25g(78m)
  • Hook:Crochet 4/0-6/0
  • Guage:DC20-24 stitches & 8-9rows
  • Color:5
  • Country:Japan