Strong paper twine 120m white


Paper string by Paperphine is strong; it does not break easily, and is therefore used to make rugs and many textiles. You can knit, crochet, weave with it and use for all sort of novel crafting techniques, as it's form lends itself to creating very different feel and structure than yarns made from wool or cotton. Try stitching with it to make baskets, wrapping for jewellery - the possibilities abound!

Since it is 100% cellulose, it has the benefit of being completely biodegradable.

Care instructions: Rinse or hand wash with warm water if necessary, but no wringing or dry spinning. Dry flat if possible. These paper twines are also used in carpet making - so they're extremely sturdy and durable. 

All Paperphine yarns are made in the EU from certified sustainable forest plantations.

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