Temaricious stitching thread 24 shades


Beautiful cotton thread in botanically dyed colours. Traditionally used for stitching designs onto temari, this thread is ideal for embroidery, sashiko, darning, tiny tassels, pompoms, very fine crochet, wrapping and binding and more. The natural colours pair with each other perfectly to create a stunning palette - choose from one of our set or pick and mix here to make your own.

Approximately 12.5m skein

100% cotton

About Temaricious

Rika and Naho met in Prague in 2013, and have been learning and loving the art of natural dyeing ever since. Based in Tokyo, the Temaricious label bridges the modern and traditional in their revival of ancient dyeing techniques on cotton thread used for the ancient craft of wrapping and stitching designs on Temari balls. Largely self taught, the pair have spent time with Tokyo's master dyers and pored over books from the best in the trade.

Their approach to dyeing is as simple as it is resourceful - all dyes are primarily made from local plants, weeds, cuttings supplied by gardener friends; vegetable waste, and fresh indigo cultivated by Naho's in-laws.

String Harvest is proud of being the first Australian stockist of Temaricious threads.