vintage Mario Boselli Filati - Manhattan - white blue


Made in 2002, this yarn is on the more eccentric end of the mohair blend spectrum. You'll find it spun with a hint of angelina fibre, giving it a hint of metallic blue.

We've given this yarn a little love, and the result looks great. The vintage cones had gathered a little dust on top, so this yarn has been carefully skeined, hand-washed in eco wool wash, aired and then wound into balls. A little extra labour but hey, we can vouch that a delicate yarn like this will survive the wash, even after 15 years!

  • 31% mohair
  • 25% polyester
  • 20% acrylic
  • 12% viscose
  • 12% polyamid

made in Italy by Mario Boselli Filati

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