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Vintage Pecci Filati 'Cocco' Linen cones - sandy beige


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Limited cones of various weights in our most popular vintage yarn

We'll say this about all our rare and vintage yarns, this one is a treasure. A texture like nothing we've seen before. Cocco is Italian for coconut but we are assured it is linen! That said, it has a really fibrous appearance but is really too soft. To hold, it feels almost damp and slightly waxy, but work it to any degree and it instantly transforms into an incredibly lush yarn rather like a fine roving. From the ends, rub and it will split into soft fibres.

The Pecci Filati mills have been in operation since 1800s but the modern incorporation of Pecci Filati since 2002 focuses specifically on high quality pattern yarns for the worlds top luxury designer labels. The Italian company produces high-tech, high-end and innovative yarns for knitwear, hand-knitting and weaving textiles.

Weights as marked

Thickness: equiv to 4-6ply, as there is a single ply spun fibre.

Made in Firenze, Italy