Mondo Fil mohair-wool-alpaca laceweight 30g

$10.00 $10.90
Content: 40% kid mohair / 35% wool / 25% alpaca
Origin: Towa, Kyoto - Japan
  • 1/4.5nm - 30g - 135m
  • suggested needle size: 3mm+
  • Made in Japan  

Luxuriously soft and delicate feel Japanese blended knitting yarn. Will knit and weave into beautiful garments and scarves as you can wear it close to the skin. The yarn is single spun making it appear light and whispy, yet it is surprisingly strong. Use on its own or alongside a kidsilk for extra strength and a mohairy show-down.

Available in 6 natural, neutral tones

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Made by Towa, operating in Kyoto for over 120 years