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Coil basket weaving methods // Paperphine Paper Raffia Bowl

So it's not completely relevant, but if you're desperate for tips on how to make something like this, please see my YouTube video. Alternatively you can also check out Ruth from Craft School Oz and her YouTube video using a needle, which might be easier if you're not into crochet! (It's also way more professional than mine!).

I wanted to see how far about 50m of raffia would go and I think it's actually a pretty good size. Crochet uses up more meterage too, so if you used a needle you'd get an even bigger bowl. I probably used about 80g of raffia because the core is quite thick.

Anyhow - some pics of a basket I made a little while back, using Paperphine paper raffia and natural raffia using easy crochet method:


October 23, 2015 — Cassie Harris



Astrida said:

I can’t seem to locate your video- help!


iliana said:

Thank you so much for the video with the needle. I was never into crochet :) Now you gave me hope :). I think I need to move to your country as here in England it is a bit difficult to buy your lovely stuff :)

ann scanlon

ann scanlon said:

Wow! love it.
Always wanted to learn how to do baskets, but need to use some of my spinning and learn more on my looms first.

Do you have yarn cards for your beautiful yarns and how much are they. I need to see them up close, and I’m sure many of my friends would be interested to

Morisset spinners and weavers


Deborah said:

Hi Cassie,
I valued this piece. I’m just starting out and really enjoying the beauty of it all.

I love your store, find myself trawling through checking it out loving the colours. A bit like Porters paint colour charts. To show your stuff with their colours would be a clever sales thing.

thanks for the hours of fun


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