String Harvest is an online store for crafters, yarn lovers and artisans interested in the unusual and hard to find. Cassandra searches far and wide to find rare, ethical, and unique fibres. Here you will find a collection of limited edition novelty yarns, a discerning selection of local and internationally sourced staple supplies, and resources to help you develop your craft.

Whether you're interested in weaving, basketry, knitting and crochet, or work in any medium of fibre art, String Harvest provides premium materials, including fair trade and ethically sourced raffia, jute and hemp alongside rare, obsolete designer Italian yarns and luxury Japanese fibres.

As a small child, Cassandra loved collecting yarn, threads, buttons, and string, and if it was vintage, it was difficult to tell whether she possessed it, or it her. That joy in finding something unusual, or from another time, a time when things were crafted by hand and with love, and transforming these materials into something to cherish for years to come. It is this process that has always captivated Cassandra's imagination. Needlecraft lovers might agree: some materials are so exquisite and special, that collecting them is half the fun.

Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Masters in Visual Culture. She has worked as a communicator, researcher, bookkeeper, and administrator, and also has experience in the environment and architectural industry. It is this eclectic mix of skills and experience that helped lay the foundations for String Harvest, a fusion of ethical and sustainable values, a strong creative drive, and an artisanal aesthetic.
Prior to becoming a mother, Cassandra helped her own Mum establish a cafe serving real food made from local ingredients in her hometown Temora, NSW - it was this crash course in small business that really gave her the courage to start her own business from scratch. Having traveled extensively, Cassandra is now based on the Gold Coast in sunny South East Queensland, Australia.

On that note, welcome to String Harvest.