Natural raffia 1kg: current superior

by String Harvest Label



Content: Raffia palm

Origon: Madagascar

Fibre length:1.2-1.3m

Feel: Good quality, generally wide fibre strips. Fibres tend to be thinner and softer than florist grade.

Best for: learning to basket weave - using as core - decor - and traditional dress where good fluffy fibre is more important than strength

Grade/classification: Courant Superieur - Current superior (BCS)

Origin: Besalampy, Madagascar

Best value, for those who are looking for the most affordable. Shorter than florist grade but retains good fibre width. Fibres appear as wide and with good length, but overall thinner than florist grade. Great for core and wrapping but less suited to projects where fibre thickness and strength is of utmost most importance. If you're basket weaving with coloured stitching - this is best value to use as core filler.

Great for workshops, basket weaving and when you don't need to have the longest fibres but still need a high quality raffia.

Harvested in 2017.

*Options for more than 3kg are not possible to be sent express without incurring additional express postage charges. If you require express postage on >3kg raffia please contact us, extra charges will apply outside Gold Coast / Brisbane metro - alternatively place your order, and if the cost is well over

About natural raffia:

Natural, undyed Madagascan raffia, sustainably grown and harvested.

Raffia is the shredded leaves of the palmyra palm, native to Madagascar. The mature leaves typically grow several metres long. They are then shredded along the width to get a beautifully long and strong fibre suitable for many types of craft.

Hundreds of metres, depending on how you use it, and will make lots and lots of baskets, bags, etc. Suitable for dyeing (please use dyes responsibly).

Comes tightly bound in a hank.
Source: Besalampy, Madagascar

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