Madagascan Natural Raffia: 250g Superior Grade


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this is our best quality raffia

Harvested in 2020

LENGTH: range approximately 150cm but can be from 120 to 180 cm

If you're new to basket weaving and prefer to start with a smaller quantity of raffia then we highly recommend a 250g bundle to get you started. These smaller bundles are also a neater way of storing your raffia. This is excellent quality, long strand and light toned fibre. 

Premium Madagascan raffia - natural and undyed and untreated - sustainably grown and harvested.

There's also the option to buy these bundles in bulk and save, with the bonus of keeping your raffia tidier as you won't need to have large hanks open everywhere!


About raffia:

Raffia is the shredded leaves of the palmyra palm, native to Madagascar. The mature leaves typically grow several metres long. They are then shredded along the width to get a beautifully long and strong fibre suitable for many types of craft.

Hundreds of metres, depending on how you use it. Suitable for dyeing (please use dyes responsibly).

Min weight: 250g

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Please note: bulk packs are not able to be express posted; additional charges may apply.