Natural raffia 1kg: Short budget

by Madagascar

$25.00 $100.00

Fibre length: approx 50-80cm

Feel: short, straw-like, random length of fibres

Best for: core - sculptural fibre filling - kids craft - short length applications

Grade / classification: hors norme (low grade)

Origin: Besalampy, Madagascar

Note: This is our budget grade raffia. Comes loosely in loosely bound, untwisted hanks. If you require a larger volume of natural raffia contact us for a bulk discount quote.

Shorter strand raffia, suited to use as core in basket weaving, stuffing and filler for sculptural works. Also ideal for workshops with children where shorter strand raffia is easier to work with.

Harvested in 2017.

Please note - orders over 3kg will not fit into express post satchels and cannot be sent express post without incurring additional post charges. Please contact us if you would like a quote or have questions about this.


Raffia is the shredded leaves of the palmyra palm, native to Madagascar. The mature leaves typically grow several metres long. They are then shredded along the width to get a beautifully long and strong fibre suitable for many types of craft.